Btraced GPS Tracking app for the Android & iPhone

With option to upload to your own server of choice!


Real-time Track and Trace

With Btraced Track & Trace for the iPhone or Android it's possible to real-time track, log and upload your (gps) positions. It is possible to:
  • Store and see all your trips locally on your phone (Android or iPhone).
  • Upload your trip real-time to your own server or upload to the Btraced server for free.
  • Offline tracking and upload later.
  • View location, speed, altitude, direction, course and distance traveled in real-time.
  • Mail your trip as GPX file and view it in Google Earth and many other compatible applications.
  • Functions for sharing your trips realtime on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Basic Authentication (Homeseer compatible, Snevl Script available.
  • Interface with your own application for example; Fleet management or Home Automation.
  • Ability to run in the background.
  • Sample ASP, ASP.NET, Raspberry PI and PHP server software, XML format and Btraced Protocol are free available.
  • Btraced

    Upload real-time to your own server

    With Btraced it's possible to upload your trip details to your own webserver or webservice. With this option you are in charge of your own data which you can use for other applications like fleet management, Home automation, Positioning or otherwise.
    For example; on the Gps data is being used to check if the house heatings needs to be set On because the Btraced person is coming home :-)
    To upload the GPS details to your own server you needs some skills to handle the XML which is being sent from the Phone to your server. The XML with the tripdetails can be sent every x (paramater) seconds or after every x (parameter) distance traveled or within a combination of both. The received Btraced XML on your own server needs to to be processed (by yourself) and for example store the data in a MYSQL database. To help we will provide the full layout of the XML upload structure and a sample (classic) ASP  and PHP file which can store the trip data in a MYSQL database on your own server. To make this work IT knowledge on this subject is needed, for those who do not have these skills check the next item.

    Upload free on

    Btraced offers a free service for uploading and viewing trips on the Btraced servers for testing purpose and to show the App is working proper. The app has an option to select uploading your trips to, this can be done real-time during tracking (point by point) or later the whole trip at once. During the first time uploading you need to choose a username and password. With these credentials you can also Login to and check out or manage your trips. Uploading to Btraced comes with certain rules:
  • availability of the Btraced server is best effort, so not included in the price of the app
  • There is only data uploaded to the Btraced server regarding the trip, uploading data is own resposibility. The user has to decide for himself if he wants to upload data to Braced, its not mandatory.
  • The last 50 uploaded Trips (uploaded by all users!) are visible to everybody!
  • You can upload 100 trips max, after this you need to delete trips via before you can upload again or ask for a small subscription (private upload).
  • For every uploaded trip there is a limit of 500 GPS points you can upload. So don't set your uploading frequency to high like every 10 seconds!
  • To upload unlimited trips to a private part on the Btraced server please check here
  • Different agreements can be arranged, please Contact
  • Btraced

    Privacy policy

    We think Btraced does not store any privacy sensitive data in the databases.
  • User can choose to upload for testing purpose to, its not mandatory.
  • User can manage his own trips on and can also delete all his trips via Login.
  • Data like Name, Address, Birthday, IPnr, Phonenumber etc. are not via the App being uploaded or stored in our Databases on
  • Data like Username, Password and GPS information are stored in our Databases on
  • Data uploaded can not be linked to a person because username and password are free to choose and active registration on is not necessary.
  • By making use of the test facility the user agrees that last 50 uploaded Trips (uploaded by all users!) are visible to everybody!
  • For every uploaded trip to the Btraced server there is a limit of 400 GPS points you can upload.
  • Different agreements can be arranged, please Contact
  • The data uploaded on is not being used for any other commercial activity outside