Featured GPS Tracking App for iPhone & Android

With option to upload to your own server of choice!

Btraced iphone

  • Real-time Track, Trace or Positioning of your whereabouts or vehicles.
  • Upload real-time to your own server or free on Btraced.com.
  • Available with IOS 7 & 8 and Android.
  • View location, speed, direction, altitude, course and distance.
  • Tracking on traveled distance or elapsed time.
  • In offline mode no Internet is needed while tracking, upload later.
  • Manage all trips, upload any trip a(again) afterwards.
  • View trips or your current position on Googlemaps on the phone.
  • Functions for sharing your trips realtime on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Basic Authentication, Homeseer compatible, Snevl Script available.
  • Export to GPX file and send via mail from the iPhone.
  • Interface with own application for example; Fleet management or Home Automation.
  • Ability to run in the background.
  • Sample server software, XML format and Protocol available.
  • We can rebrand Btraced with your own logo and company settings, or we can host your uploads in an own server environment! contact us

    Btraced available in Apple & Android store!

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